gradation, Inc.

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Producer / Founder

Tomoaki KumanoTomoaki Kumano

Specializing in high-level production with a keen affinity for technological expertise across all genres, styles and media  


JAPAN - Where tradition meets the future / Japan National Tourism OrganizationIS JAPAN COOL? MUSEUM IN THE CLOUD / ANAGrand Kirin FIND YOUR STYLE (cero "Oka no Ue no Bansan" JPL ver.)Tokyo Miracle City / NHKOther work includes advertisements for SEIYU, IKEA, Audi and Coca-Cola Japan Company, Inc.


Adfest 2022 PR - Use of Events & Stunts: BRONZEAdfest 2022 Branded Entertainment - Use of Experiential: Finalist Ad Stars 2021 Outdoor - Foods: CRYSTALBranded Shorts 2018: Prize WinnerGOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018: Prize WinnerSpikes Asia 2017 - Film Craft EDITING: SILVERSpikes Asia 2017 - Film Craft SOUND DESIGN: BRONZESpikes Asia 2017 - Film Craft: SHORTLISTSpikes Asia 2016 - Digital Craft: GRAND PRIXSpikes Asia 2016 - Digital: BRONZESpikes Asia 2016 - Design: BRONZEWebby 2015 - Business Products & Services Honoree: Winner